This in class-writing assignment has been a great experience, working with a partner helps you to see things within a play you might have over looked or it might help you see thigs in a different way they you originally pictured it. The process for me was very smooth because my partner and I decided to read each scene and write down our interpretation of it and at the end we would share our ideas with each other and see what we understood from the scene. The only problem about working in peers is that time will move very quickly when you guys are discussing what your interpretation was the scene was about. Writing collaboratively has its benefits because your partner can be able to spot little errors you might have made and did not see, also your partner can help you expand on your ideas if you are having problems expressing your thoughts.


This made writing about the different plays very exciting to read because you are able to act out different scenes with your partner, also you are able to play around with the scene you could have switch the tone of the play or even the attitudes of the character. It made you feel like you were really inside of the play, helping you to paint a picture that the author wanted you to paint. It help you get a clear sense of the theme, tone and plot of each play.


Overall this class and in class writing assignment made the work load more easier, and it made it fun to learn about the different mello-dramatic plays, it made writing papers more interesting, it gave use different ways to view the plays and it helped us see the plays in a different view by working with are peers and doing the close readings together.



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