Reflections- Collegial Fortitude and Awesomeness

Working with my classmate to co-produce a short essay was certainly a challenging experience; but probably not in the way that one would think. It challenged me to express my ideas in a coherent and cohesive manner, how to listen and asses immediate, controversial or counterintuitive ideas; and then make compromises that would strengthen our finished product. It was a carefree experience, for the most part; but because we did have slightly different opinions on the piece and are both creative out-of-the-box thinkers, it was challenging for us to pin our ideas down and present a united front. It was fascinating watching the way another brain thinks, seeing a different writing process and thinking of ways to apply the things I admired from my partner’s processes to my own. However, it was overwhelming at times trying to combine our individual voices and writing styles into the finished product. in the end though, I do believe that we were effective in conforming our ideas, communicating efficiently the things we saw in the text and deciphering how we could apply them to the paper most efficiently and effectively. We worked well together in formulating our introductory paragraph and thesis statement, leaning on each other equivocally for guidance and support.

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I think that such an assignment fosters a good collegial relationship, and gives room for each participant to go beyond his or her own personal and instinctive judgement and comprehension as it pertains to the given text or topic. It certainly widens the door of possibilities on how to approach a topic/text and execute an analysis. It allowed my partner and myself to learn from one another as it pertained to educating each other on different issues, theories, concepts and so forth that one may have known when the other did not. This was different from the first partnership exercise because instead of simply assessing someone else’s finish product we got to decipher raw ideas, converse about them and make the intelligible on paper. This is perhaps challenging when you and your partner are thinking at two completely different ends of a spectrum; but in any event, the exercise does challenge each participant to go beyond their comfort zone- and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Quite contrarily, it makes one be even more open to the idea that, in the process of writing, what we began with in our heads may not be the finished product. The partnership also challenges individuals to step up and delegate ideas as well as individual responsibilities as not to inconvenience each other and how to make a combined effort towards a common goal- a good grade!


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