Reflecting on the Peer-review Experience

Scholarly writing, the most important, yet the challenging type of writing that involves writing, re-writing, and critiquing. The most crucial element of scholarly writing is the critique that each piece of writing receives through peer-review. Peer review forms the basis on which scholarly writing stands, thus, the in-class writing assignments provide a realistic experience in the classroom. By giving young scholars the ability to demonstrate their critical analytical skills, the in-class writing assignment equips writers with the skills to develop a successful writing community that enhances each individual writer. Both in-class writing assignment one and two impacts the learning experience in extremely different ways, however, they contribute significantly to enhancing academic writers.

The first in class assignment provided writers with the opportunity to free write and express ideas and perspectives that were not found within in the text. Additionally, responding to another peer’s work creates a realistic experience for each individual writer. The classroom writing community fosters development, as each student is able to critique another person’s work as done in academia on a regular basis. The first assignment was interesting because not only did it encourage writers to think but to think spontaneously and effectively.

Although the first in class writing required collaboration, the second in class assignment was a little more challenging as a writer because it required collaborative skills to be able to produce an effective essay. This was the most difficult experience as a writer because it forced writers who are completely different in personality and their writing style to create a paper that reflects both ideas. The first in class assignment was easier to be done because it required each individual writer to critically analyze a text based on the questions and formulate a response. Although the two in-class writing assignments were similar, the first critique was done after each writer wrote their response not with the person, thus, it was easier to accomplish.

Both in class writing assignments foster a well-rounded, skillful writer who is able to collaborate with another scholar, therefore, the main accomplishment has been made.  Many scholars try to work in isolation, however, life is general always receives comments and critiques from others. These writing assignments, although difficult, creates a realistic experience for young scholars who are evolving into the field of academia.


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