The first in-class writing exercise had its pros and its con. Pros being that I haven’t had to do much speed writing/thinking in a while, as most things are take-home essay based, so it was fun (to an extent) to stimulate my brain that way. I was concerned that I would get frustrated if a question came that could not answer because of the pressure, but the most difficult part was remember character’s names. That challenge was easily avoided as it was ‘open-book’. The downfalls of the first in-class exercise had to do with the time and tasks. Though there was a rush of trying to complete your work in a matter of minutes, there is also an added stress. Clock watching takes away from essay writing. On top of that once I finished my assignment I had to sit and read a response from another classmate (which I clearly got the point of and appreciated the chance to feel more scholarly) and write again. No task by itself was overbearing, but the amalgamation of the three written responses, reading and review, it was a bit tedious. Two of the other cons was that I do not trust my spelling capabilities, and because my hand and wrist was not use to such activity. I do not know what hurt more, me being unsure of a six letter word, or the pain in my palm.

The second writing assessment would have been so much more enjoyable if it was allocated the same amount of time as the first assignment. The second exercise was naturally more practical because there is one focus and task. The greatest challenge is the pair work. Cooperating with classmates is not a new concept, so thought sharing and analyse was a breeze. The storm would just be figure out how the actually essay will be written. My partner is a good analyst and due to previous assignments, I saw that we approached readings similarly, but there was a small issue that caused a minor setback to our writing time. Allowing us to take it home to finish off lose ends, was exactly what we needed, and we were able to successfully accomplish our exercise. I do recommend these types of assignments as opposed to long tedious essays all the time, because not only do they get your brain fired up, but it is a good opportunity for one to engage in healthy academic collaboration.


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