In-class writing Reflection



I really love the workload for this class. I felt as though the lecturer designed the course to be at our level. The in-class writing as a quiz is a brilliant idea. I really like this assignment, it was designed in a format we could all do. In addition, it did not resembles the similar structures of tests. Instead, we were responsible for conducting a close reading on a portion of text, and devising a paper in peers. This assignment stimulated healthy discuss between my group member and I. Moreover, sometimes my group member or I would see thing at a deeper level or in a different way. I would say that the most difficult part for me was when it came to putting the paper together, for example the wording of the paper. Reason being, it gets a bit difficult when two people tries to turn ideas into sentences. Nonetheless, I really loved the assignment I feel as though I learnt alot, and receive a deeper understanding in regards to close reading skills. I am much appreciative.


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