Waiting for Nothing

In the play “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett helps us to see Vladmir and Estragon as dependent on the other. Estragon needs Vladmir to help him take off his boots because it hurts him. He seem to can not do it by himself without the help of Vladmir. It also goes as far as one repeating something and the other comes along and says the same thing. The repetition of both characters can be seen as something that is continuous and showing that their life is one that is repetitive in general.

Estragon wants to leave, but Vladmir keeps telling him that they can not leave because Godot is coming. This happens several times by both characters repeating the same thing showing the repetitiveness in the play itself. It also indicate if Vladmir is not willing to leave to wait on Godot then Estragon can not leave, showing one can not move without the other. This suggests that the repetitiveness of them going back and forward to leave or stay can indicate actions in the play happened more times than illustrated.

Upon Vladmir and Estragon waiting on Godot , there comes Pozzo with his slave Lucky with him. Vladmir does not like the fact that Pozzo treats Lucky so poorly and decides he wants to leave. Instead of Vladmir reminding himself that he can not leave because he is waiting on Godot, Pozzo reminds him that he has an appointment with Godot. Showing that even though Godot is not there and still has not arrived both men seem to be held back by the other. Whether its Vladmir stopping Estragon from leaving or Pozzo stopping Vladmir from leaving just to see Godot.

On the other hand Vladmir seem to change how he feels quit often. At the beginning he was upset for Pozzo treatment towards Lucky but then flips the script when he decides to get mad at Lucky for the mistreatment of Pozzo for so many years of service. It also comes down to how Vladmir was angry at Pozzo for the treatment of Lucky but now wants to benefit from seeing Lucky perform and think out loud. This shows that Vladmir can be easily swayed if he is benefiting from it.

The play itself is shown to have repetitive dialogue. The characters Vladmir and Estragon depicts two men being helpless without the other, showing they can not choose their own destiny. Waiting for Godot also gives the indication that they are not in control but have to depend on each other or Godot to help them decide what is best for them, even down to leaving when Godot sent a message to say he won’t be able to see them.



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