When the Dust Settles

In 1992, Bosnia-Hercegovina proclaimed its independence from the previous Yugoslav organization. The Serbs who lived in this ethnically assorted range dreaded being controlled by the Muslim Slavs who shaped most of the populace. The Serbs soon furnished themselves and started to battle the Muslims. A large portion of the towns in Bosnia-Hercegovina fell, aside from Sarajevo. On April 6, 1992, Serb activists opened fire on a huge number of peace demonstrators in Sarajevo. This started an attack that has been named “the most exceedingly worst in Europe since the finish of World War II”.

(halting) You are human beings none the less. (He puts on his glasses.) As far as one can see. (He takes off his glasses.) Of the same species as myself. (He bursts into an enormous laugh.) Of the same species as Pozzo! Made in God’s image! (1.314) a Line from the original play “Waiting for Godot”

In the midst of a war many questioned why would one want to put on a play. This was the only way Sontag knew how to contribute to Sarajevo, even though it wasn’t the way a doctor or nurse would contribute to the war that was going on over there. Sontag feels by putting on this play he is giving the people a sense of identity, he is giving them their culture back  in a way of performance. This plays allows the people of Sarajevo to feel a since of peace with all that is going on with the siege. By having actors from different ethnic group showed that there was still hope in a society where persons from different ethnic group couldn’t get along.

They faced many challenges such as the actors being tired from walking about two to three hours to the set and having to walk the same about of time back. Also fear played a mayor roll as a distraction because while practicing for the play all what could be heard was noise of shells exploding.

The play showed many persons that Sarajevo was not like how they depicted it through the media that’s why when asked to do a interview Sontag wouldn’t do it or if she decided to she would answer them short. In the end the play was very successful with  twelve candle on stage as lighting.


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