“Power”;maintenance and control

The play Honorable Member by Ian Strachan is a play that highlights the corruptions and blatant disregard for the Bahamian people by “the party in power”.  This power “rapes” the people, and their position should not be challenged in any way.  It highlights the lengths that people in power will take and adhere to, trampling over and manipulating everyone and anyone to maintain a certain level of “power” and control. Strachan’s play helps to establish political hierarchy as represented by Winston “Fergie” Ferguson, bringing to light the serious nature that the citizens of the country are  up against.

The problems that the average Bahamian person finds fault with the government, Strachan highlights in his play. This occurs in the beginning of the play in the case where the PM gives Miss Claridge’s son a contract to cut the grass at the school.  Hiding behind the small people, giving them “a little something”, to make them feel like you interested, but in reality, you could care less.

According to the PM, “Politics is not about changing things.  It’s about keeping things going”. This statement is evident in the case where The Minister of Transport proposes the use of electric buses, allotting for, “potential jobs and significantly the lot of the working class”.  The PM opposes this idea, because he does not want to upset his financial supporters, being the car dealerships, who backs him.  But yet he is easily willing to dismiss a possible avenue that will help the majority, to accommodate the minority.  This suggest that there are persons with good ideas who wants to make a difference, but they are constantly “shut down”, to continually maintain “power”. Strachan, through the PM , demonstrates what the party deems as important and what they have to do to maintain “power”, no matter the cost.

Strachan brings to the forefront, the exploitation of not only the small people, but also the rich people. According to the PM, “the poor people vote and the rich people pay”.  To always stay on top and assert power, one has to through words, manipulate the poor people , by telling them what is necessary to get their votes. The poor people are controlled through what should be the basic necessities, ie, “light, running water, roads, schools, and jobs”.  The rich people are the financiers of the corruption that takes place within the party, that ultimately affects the poor people.  As emphasized by Strachan, “They pay for your campaign t-shirts, your glossy brochures, your TV ads, your plane tickets, your expensive dinner parties, your free liquor and the DJ at the rally”.  And we wonder why they have so much power.  But can we blame them?  It is our government that has wielded them so much power. The party is indebted to them.    This suggest where we stand as a country and how the Bahamian citizens are valued in our country, and where we are headed as a country.


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