Machinal: Operating like a machine to human then back to a machine

In Machinal, every episode has its own title which depicts what will take place in the episode which showcases the irony of what happens to a woman who operates as a machine. The young woman in scene five known as a young woman who has a robotic sense based on her feeling like she does not have her freedom. The way she answered the man showed herself to be one that does not know how to relate to a man that sees her like a woman rather than property. She eventually starts to act like human when she agrees to go with him to his place, which showed her acting on her emotions and not just her obligations (what she think a woman should do). Then there is episode 5, what is called intimate which gives a complete breakdown based on the name. This is where she shows her true side or a part of her life that has never  seen based on her past with her grandmother. The young woman now woman is opening up about what made her happy as a young girl, helping this man to see her as a woman with emotions rather than a machine. At this moment she felt what she should have for her husband but its for her lover. This is something she has never felt before which shows her having her freedom to love and do as she please for the first time.

The last three episodes goes right back to the young woman being controlled again by her husband, who only sees her as his happiness but neglects hers. This is a time where she thinks of her lover who has told her about the two men he killed. Her thoughts are that of a woman who feels trapped in place that she can’t get out of unless extreme measures are taken. It is assumed she killed her husband and now is in trouble with the law. She is now on trial for her husbands murder and she admits to killing him. She could not leave her husband because it would hurt him in her mind. She is then killed by a machine which is a major play on words because she was like a machine herself until she found her lover. The robotic effect of the play based on how she acted towards her husband and others, showed there was no life in her so to speak other than when she got with her lover.  The repetition of the way they moved and spoke was broken to an extent but then went right back to the norm of the young woman being controlled and punished for being free.


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