The Virgin Mary

In the era a woman’s role was limited, and males were seen as dominant. This is seen from the being of the play where it’s like it’s a robot lifestyle, because all that is being heard is type writers, telephones, and young woman counting numbers she was expected to be a housekeeper, a good wife who pleased her man sexual and a great mother to her child. Love was considered a waste of emotion. But it was a must that she marry someone who in society is seen as decent to be financially stable. In Episode two her mother asked her what love has to do with it, if the guy is financial secured. It’s like the young lady has to do what her mother says because she doesn’t have a mind of her own.

She decides to marry her boss not out of love but out wanting stability, on their Honeymoon she was seen as afraid. She didn’t want him to see her get undress so she went into the bathroom to change. While she was changing her husband as they started to call him was bragging about how much money he spent on the room and that she needed to hurry up change because he wanted to be pleased.

It’s evident that they had sexual intercourse because in the following seen the settings takes place in a hospital where the young lady is giving birth to a baby girl, but she seems depress about the situation. She didn’t want to have a baby girl, because she feels like she would end up living a life similar to hers. A life where she would marry for stability and not for love, she wanted her child to have a chance at life. The scene ends with her having a mental breakdown talking about God and the virgin Mary.


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