The Want and Need for Acceptance

Sometimes people try their best to be accepted by their love ones, peers, rivals and even strangers. It can either make you or break you as an person or artist who seeks acceptance in-order to be great at just being you. In The Sea-Gull by Checkov he breaks down the wanting of social and emotional acceptance of one person from another, but realistically showing that the same feelings maybe rejected from the person you seek to gain it from. When looking at Masha and Medvedenko they are two different people from two different worlds. Medvedenko feels as though if he had more money his life would be better as wellas he would be able to gain Marsha affection. On the other hand, Marsha does not feel the same. She does not feel as though money makes you happier. Marsha rejects Medvedenko feeling and wants to Treplev in return who is putting on the play at Sorin’s estate by the lake. Medvedenko longs for Marsha to return affections that he showed her but she is not interested in him because she has her eyes on Treplev.

However, Treplev does not feel the same about Marsha. Treplev is more concerned at this point that his mother Arkadina is not accepting his creative work as an artist. He believes that his mother does not love him and in return he would rather get that acceptance from his peers and other artists who can see accept him for his good works rather than just seeing him as an actress son. Treplev wants to be seen outside of his mother who has a different view of art than he does. As Treplev show starts his mother in may ways try to sabotage it by interrupting the play which caused Treplev to stop the play and run off. Showing that even though Treplev indicated that he knows his mother does not love him and he does not want her acceptance or love in return, shutting down the play and running off shows otherwise. He may want his peers and other artist acceptance but may need his mothers instead.

Marsha has affections for Treplev but Treplev only sees Nina but as one can see Nina she declines Treplev “affectionate talk” showing she is interested in someone else. Nina is not in a good place with her parents just as Treplev so she has to leave to avoid problems. Treplev is upset because Nina does not feel the same way about him as he does her. Wanting and needing love and acceptance from man to woman and vice versa, shows the naivety of people when they want something that may not be what is best for them. This indicates that you can want something or someone so bad that you are willing to lay it on the line for them but are you willing to accept the rejection if feelings are not mutual.


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