structures are fabricated in every aspect of our lives for example most people believe that pink is for girls and blue for boy or even girls are to play with dolls and boys trucks subsequently, when executed these structures distinguishes the mannerism of the girl construct and the boy construct.

moreover, structures are also perpetuated in the oral and written English Language for instance the way we talk interchanges within different groups of people and setting likewise in the written English the writer’s structure is affected by era and techniques.

for example, the structures of Drama can be read and interpreted differently given  the time-period and techniques implemented with the text for example the play Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen illustrates this with the used of asides.

firstly the asides offers detailed stage directions actors no long “exit stage left” like the play The Escape; A Leap for Freedom instead, in the play Hedda Gabler when actors do enter and exit it stays within the plot for example in act 3, lines 197-8 Tesman is exiting the stage but is related to him trying to reach his aunt before she dies therefore, in the aside it mentions “[He hurries through the hall doorway.]”

 secondly the asides also helps with developing the setting of the play for example in act 3 in the introduction it mentions “The lamp covered with a shade burns low on the table.” this illustrates that the women fell asleep waiting for the men to return consequently although they were expected to eventually turn out the lamp we can interpret that the lamp was left on.

lastly, the asides also creates a realistic social interaction between characters in that characters are not merely just saying there lines but are engaged for example in Act 3 lines 79-80  cites [By the stove, without looking up.] Good morning. “[The turning around.] Hedda [Comes nearer.] What in the world-Up so early, hm?” These lines show a practical exchange between characters consequently, it makes the play easy to read and interpret because the actions are relatable.

structure through the use of asides in the play Hedda Gabler fosters a form of organisation while also impacting the stage directions, developing the setting, and creating realistic social interaction.


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