Depending on one’s perspective, Hedda Gabler can be seen as a self-absorbed, conniving woman, a self-confident self-aware woman, or a sad, broken hurting woman who hurt others.

From the self-absorbed, conniving woman perspective Hedda is a duplicitous, self-absorbed, and conniving and stops at nothing to secure her desires. She is a master puppeteer using her charm, beauty, and sensuality to control and manipulate all in her social circle. She understands her sway over them and uses it to her advantage, moving them around like pawns on a chess board.

The self-confident perspective sees her as a woman who is aware of her power of persuasion and is not afraid to use it. She hones this power by combining it with the skill of observation and strategizing always staying ahead of the game and the other players; always ensuring that she is successful in her quests.

The perspective of the broken hurting woman displays Hedda as a woman so broken and hurt that she does the same to others. She fulfills the proverb ‘hurting people hurt people’. He skills of observation enables her manipulates Mrs. Elvsted despite her knowing that Mrs. Elvsted is vulnerable and already hurting. She also has no remorse about marrying a man who clearly adores her and would go to any means to make her happy and openly showing her disdain for and lack of loyalty to him.


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