The Escape

The text presents a honest depiction of slavery partly because it was written by an ex-slave. The system, which dehumanized men and treated them like farm animals is foremost depicted through the Gaines and the brutal relationship the have with their slaves. Every time the slaves disobey or disrespect the Gaines, they are subject to a beating. However, two things stood out to me. Does early Christianity perpetuate or reinforce slavery? in other words, was Christianity ProSlavery?

Despite Mrs. Gaines appearing to be a devout christian, she is still torturous towards the slaves. Is this just hypocrisy or is this sort of behavior embedded within her spiritual beliefs?

Another question I would like to propose: What role did slavery play in American Empire? I ask this because, slave labor at the time, was a means of  capital accumulation (as slaves were used as assets used in wealth creation). This can be drawn from the fact that the Gaines had slave laborers working for him. Capitalism (free-labor, forced-labor?)


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