Social Commentary

The Escape Or, a Leap for Freedom is a melodrama. In 1861 in the mist of Slavery, this emotional love story takes place.The Escape Or, a Leap for Freedom addresses questions dealing with religion, manipulation, Physical and Mental Exploitation of human beings because of their color.
I am plunged into Brown’s introduction from the first sentence. He describe Dr. Gaines as a medical Doctor with religious views, but he is also a slave owner. Married to Mrs.Gaines a well rounded lady who claims to be very religious but she physically and mental manipulates her slaves. Cato a very loyal and talented slave work along side Dr.Gaines and help with procedures when he wasn’t in the office, but one day he made a mistake which made his master very upset. The use of phrases such as “I’ll whip you for this” shows the of punishment Cato or any slave would endure if they did something wrong or something the slave master didn’t approve of. It also foreshadows the future events of what we eventually happen to the slaves.
In scene three act one we can see it was a love to die for between Melinda and Glen. Melinda was a slave of Dr.Gaines and Mrs.Gaines, while Glen was the slave of Mr. Hamilton. Glen was told to give up Melinda or die and he told them that he would not give up Melinda, even though he loved life better than death even life its self could not tempt him to consent to a separation that would make life an unchanging curse. Glen then tells Melinda that he is planning on escaping and he wants her to go with him but he is afraid that her master would pay him and sell him outside of the neighborhood.
Scene two act two showed how slaves were traded Dr.Gaines sold Sam and big Sally for 100 and 900, this scene evoke emotions to its readers because how can someone place a price tag on someone, the phrase ” That’s all they are worth” speaks volume of how less of human beings they see their slaves.
These scenes leaves the reader with rhetoric questions, it exaggerates the plot and characters in order to appeal to the emotions


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